Men's watches, like those for women, went through a lot of changes. Over time, in addition to the classic round dials, square models began to appear. Today, still they dominated round shields, but not the lack of the asymmetric shapes.
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Men’s watches, not only for collectors

It would seem that in the era of electronic devices that tell us the time, wristwatches would fall into second place.Meanwhile, watches enjoy unflagging popularity and not only among the ladies who love all kinds of ornaments. What's more, men are increasingly willing to pay attention not only to the practical functions of watches for men, but also to the design.

Looking at store displays with a wide range of watches for men, it is hard to believe that there were times when men despised them. However, this has to do with the fact that at the beginning of the 20th century, when wristwatches became popular, they were treated simply as a decoration. Not wonder then that only women found them interesting. It is worth noting that soldiers were the first men to use watches, but only due to their practicality.

That was then

The prototype of a wristwatch was its pocket version. The pocket watches were attached with straps so they could be worn on the wrist. It was not until some time later when pocket watches became obsolete and men’s watches began to resemble the modern models.

Luxury in masculine version

When watches with a strap began to be produced by the today famous brand, Rolex, men liked them for good. And so it is also today- watches by this exclusive brand continue to enjoy enormous popularity worldwide. Famous Rolexes are also the object of collectors’ desires and are undoubtedly a symbol of luxury.

Quality and style

Men’s designer watches that will make a great birthday or Father's Day gift, can be found at online store. Speaking of gifts, that many men would welcome, certainly include also designer bags and stylish wallets.

Types of men’s watches’ dials and straps

Since wristwatches became popular among men, much attention was paid not only the envelope, but also to the strap. Elegant watches are characterized by straps made of finest leather.

Today equally popular as men’s leather watches are watches with bracelet- loved not only by men but also by women.

Original colors of watches for men

Although blacks, browns, grays and classic shades of gold and silver dominate the color palette of men’s watches, the offers of well-known brands also include watches in soft pastel tones and multicolor.

Brands such as Kenzo and Diesel offer many interesting models of luxury watches for men.

Watch like a computer?

For years now, large sport watches have been popular- they are also very practical. Such models, made most often not in an analog but electronic version, are appreciated by both, younger and mature men.

These types of watches meet the needs of both, laymen and true sport professionals. The latest models of watches resemble "mini computers" that can calculate calories, record levels of exercise intensity, measure pulse, etc.

Many stores offer models that do not include the sophisticated features, but have a sport design.

Quality above all

Although a watch can be purchased even for a few dollars, it is worth investing in a proven model of a recognized brand, so that we, or a person we want to give a watch to, will be able to enjoy it for many years.

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