There is no doubt that women's wallet is the most popular, and at the same time the most practical accessory in any woman's purse. It sometimes even has the same function as a bag, because contemporary designers meet the needs of their customers and design wallets just like the most exclusive clutches. Made from high quality leather, with gold elements, they are available from any well-known designer and fashion house.

Wallets for women – luxury for every day

Women’s wallets - the need a mother of invention

A wallet, understood as a handy accessory to store money, was known for centuries and initially took the form of a pouch usually hung around the hips, held under clothing out of fear of thieves. The version we know today- with space to hold for small coins, notes, and compartments for all kinds of billets, business cards and receipts- appeared only in the middle of the previous century, when after the war, in times of prosperity the society began to be rich and to carry around more and more money and spend in a systematic way, not only for primary needs. Women who after World War II began to work and earn their own money, needed a special accessory, where they could conveniently store their savings.

Comfort and elegance of women’s designer wallets

One of the first luxury brands to design women's wallets was Louis Vuitton. The brand started from the famous travelers suitcases and quickly realized that women appreciated not only the practicality of the wallet, but also its aesthetic qualities. So it began to produce women’s leather wallets from high quality leather with delicately crafted gold-plated zippers or snaps. When credit cards appeared in the fifties, Louis Vuitton quickly sensed the demand for larger wallets, with special compartments for cards, notes and coins. The wallet grew larger. Interestingly, women have become devotees of one more accessory that would contain all kinds of items. Men preferred a separate sachet designed for coins and banknotes, and an additional, elegant case for important documents. Over time, women's wallet has evolved to the size of a ladies’ purse and became very visible, and thus a very important feminine accessory. Among the wallets by Gucci we will find a model with a chain made of gold or silver, stylized to look as a clutch and made as carefully as the most luxurious clutches. It is a very convenient and practical version of the women's wallet, which is sometimes the only thing a woman needs to have with her. It serves a double purpose- an accessory to store money and an elegant accessory.

An accessory that matters

Women's wallet, just like a handbag, shows woman's taste and is subject to changing trends. Therefore, in our store you will find women’s leather wallets by designers specializing in women's accessories, including any color combinations, a variety of sizes and shapes, and you can choose the most convenient shape. Selecting an appropriate wallet type is important because just like a phone case is an accessory that we use every day, sometimes several times in various situations during the day. Small accessories show our sense of taste and fashion, and their quality is always very important for everyday use. Women's wallet is just one of these accessories, which we notice right away and that gives us a sense of luxury on every day.

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