Versace Women's Collection

Versace Women's

The Versace women’s outfits delight and shock with their vision of luxury and splendour at the same time. Creations full of ornamentation are worn by elegant women all over the world. Among them are Jennifer Lopez, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Scarlett Johansson. Gianni Versace founded this fashion house in Milan in 1978. Previously, he had developed his passion in the privacy of his home, designing fabulous dresses made of pieces of fabrics. The luxurious outfits and accessories have survived in the spirit of Gianni's line, and the master's legacy has been preserved to this day

Versace – women’s beauty needs splendour

Among the well-known Italian brands, Versace deserves to be called the Baron of Luxury. Full of bold patterns and forms clothing and accessories are a baroque variation on fashion and style. Lady wearing Versace dress feels like she walks on the catwalk, and the amazing accessories, like Versace women’s sunglasses won't leave anyone indifferent to her charm.

Milan – city of the new perspectives

The founder of the fashion house is Gianni Versace, who came to Milan, the fashion mecca in 1972 to design a collection for Florentino Flowers. Gianni's life was strictly connected with the fashion industry. Versace dresses, designed from an early age, have announced a huge career. Trip to this extraordinary city has opened Gianni the door to a great career, and the first designs signed with his name were presented in 1978 – this year is considered to be the beginning of the brand's activity. Already then Versace women’s shoes and luxurious clothes were extremely popular.

To this day, Versace's works of art for women still decorate the most beautiful persons in the world. Among them are Jennifer Lopez, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Scarlett Johansson.

Versace – the priceless beauty

All the sketches proposed by the brand seem to opt for one goal - luxury. Dresses, shirts, trousers, accessories and even Versace women’s trainers are rich in exquisite accessories. Versace women’s shoes, incredibly special in their performance, are able to catch all the attention. Fans of minimalism can also find something for themselves. Beautifully decorated Versace women wristwatch will be an extraordinary detail on your hand. Versace leather spikes in a variety of colours can complete the entire outfit in seconds.

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