You will find stylish umbrellas for man and various types of walking stick umbrella in the VITKAC offer. These accessories are an addition that will add chic and class to every man.

Umbrellas for man - elegance you never knew

In the past, they testified about the position in the social hierarchy and high social status. Today, they are an object that we can buy virtually around every corner. We're talking about men's umbrellas. Have umbrellas for men lost their value through their dissemination? Not necessarily.

Sometimes sun, sometimes rain

Few now know that the umbrella originally served to protect against the sun, not rain. This is what the name says. "Para" and "sole" from Italian means protection from the sun. Only in French the genesis of the word umbrella comes from the word "rain", meaning "parapluie" - from the word "pluie".

In Europe, umbrellas for man had become popular at a time when the smallest suntan showed a lower social status. White, and even porcelain skin, testified elegance, and on sunny days the umbrella fulfilled its protective role perfectly. However, as the centuries passed and trends changed, umbrellas began to be adapted to protect against rain. The British climate most probably started this, in which the amplitude of precipitation until today reaches a very high level.

Evolution of men’s umbrellas

When the umbrella became a conventional item protecting against rain, its diversification also began. Umbrellas for men were created from this process, which to this day is a derivative of the umbrella. Due to their smaller weight and shorter length, umbrellas are much more convenient and comfortable. These features are their main value. However, they cannot compete in terms of elegance with classic men's parasols.

The gentlemen’s umbrella did not change only in size, but even individual parts evolved. One of these parts is the umbrella stick. Today, it is commonly associated with a U-shaped handle. Of course, this shape is used in an uncounted majority, although more and more creative handles are coming back to fashion. It is perhaps related to a kind of extravagance or archaic creation of fashion aesthetics. Regardless of the motives, the unique handle with a masculine cane is impressive. Therefore, anyone who pays attention to their image should consider choosing an unconventional form, such as a walking stick umbrella.

Less is more

For a long time, umbrellas have not just been a tool that protects against rain or sun. It's the same fashion element as gloves, hats, etc. Therefore, the right choice of umbrella for a given concept has a big impact on the impression we make. Printed designer umbrellas are ideally suited for younger people, where eye-catching graphics can meet with social approval. On the other hand, serious or representative people should tend towards elegance.

The current trend in fashion is looking not only on aesthetic value but also on minimalism. A gentleman’s umbrella should be rather homogeneous. In this case, a black umbrella will be an ideal choice.

When looking for an umbrella or a parasol, we pay attention to its design, durability and to what impression it makes. The closest surroundings will always subconsciously draw attention to even the smallest detail of the outfit and everything related to it. People who opt for high-class elegance will find a wide selection of designer umbrellas in our online Vitkac store.

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