Men's trousers are one of the most diverse items of clothing of every man. Available in many styles and lengths, made of various materials and designed for many occasions, they have become the most distinctive part of the male clothing.

Trousers for men – a contemporary choice

They have been present for hundreds of years in the men's fashion and it seems that they’re here to stay.

From Greece to France

Wearing trousers by men seems so obvious and common that we often forget that in the times of ancient Greece and Rome men put long robes and cloth reaching the ground, and trousers were treated as incomprehensible item of clothing of eastern cultures. Pants have become a widely popular part of the male wardrobe only during the French Revolution, when French fashion began to promote wearing trousers as outerwear, and not under the male kind of skirt as before. Many decades have passed since then and today men's trousers are the most obvious everyday choice of every man.

Men’s trousers for every occasion

Initially, only worn in combination with long blazer, which has evolved over time into modern blazer, elegant trousers for men permanently entered into the canon of classic clothing for men. Today they are a fundamental part of men's suit, but contemporary street fashion more often combines them with more elements of everyday attire. Paired with the male t-shirt and moccasins men’s black trousers can create a tasteful, casual style. On the catwalks of top designers we can see their different versions - wide or more adjacent to the ankle or reaching to the sole of the shoe, plain or decorated with print. Each of these may be part of your daily style as well as an outfit designed for the more formal occasions.

Men’s casual trousers - getting more recognition

Fashionable in recent seasons men's sweatpants with loops go perfectly with sport shoes- they are perfect for summer and add a nonchalant character to the whole style. They also look great in combination with the classic men's tank top and a jacket. Designers grow more fond of the men’s casual trousers and are not afraid to show them in the annual collections on the catwalk. Sweatpants for men have become a favorite element of the wardrobe of a modern man, who above all, appreciates comfort and freedom. After work he thus puts on sweatpants made of cozy material, which is no longer associated with scruffiness or sloppiness. Jogging trousers can be found in the collections of such designers and fashion houses as Alexander McQueen, Givenchy and Balenciaga, which only proves the thesis that the time of stereotyped associations with sloppy and messy nature of this type of trousers is long gone. Sweatpants are worn by athletes and personalities from the world of fashion and are an important element in men's fashion worldwide.

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