Sweatpants for women. A quandary for many women. On the one hand – they escape high fashion styles. On the other- they are comfy, casual, perfect for every day.

Sweatpants for women – three ideas  

Sweatpants for women. A quandary for many women. On the one hand – they escape high fashion styles. On the other- they are comfy, casual, perfect for every day.

Elegant, sporty with an edge. It’s been long since they stopped being an element of garment reserved for men only. Trousers for women, season after season, have their renaissance and fashion houses surprise us with new versions of them. We have prepared a collection of most important trends of fashion world that are sweatpants themed. 

An easy trick to shape your silhouette

Many women believe that a well-chosen fit of ladies trousers will add sex appeal.  Lately, we’ve seen the comeback ofhigh waisted trousers. It is an ideal proposal for tall and slim women, though. The list of their advantages is endless- they make legs look longer and more slender, they highlight the waist, they make you look a few pounds thinner. They are also a rescue for those of us, who have short legs.

However, they are not as versatile as classic skinny trousers. The high waist requires a few tricks. Firstly, it is an easy way to change your proportions. If you buy a pair in a dark color, it’s better if their matt- lamb leather works great. Pair it with a loose top i.e.: lace or peplum. When there is too much of fabric, hide it in the trousers so that it doesn’t show!

Timeless elegance

Women’s trousers with an edge, a button and two pockets. This is how Lanvin – one of the oldest and most luxurious fashion houses in the world perceives this element of women’s clothing. Jeanne Lanvin already in the 19th century, removed the heavy frames and bufy shoulders from women's dresses, betting on natural looks. Two centuries later, the French fashion house still bows to classics. Designers offer their clients the elegant women’s trousers, perfect for a banquet. Classic style will add glamour to your style.

Not only for jogging


Chloe fashion house , with Gaby Aghion and Jacquesem Lenoire impressed Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot and Jackie Kennedy with its collections. The style dictators describe their collections as “luxury prêt-à-porter”, which means fashion for everyone, which can work outside of the catwalk.

We would like to calm everyone, who worry that they make a fashion faux pas by wearing the popular sweatpants. Chloe surprises with propositions of elegant sweatpants for women that, in fact, are notsweatpants…It is worth noticing the scarlet pants with side stripes, tightened with loops. They are extravagant enough that adding a laced top will be like icing on a cake!

With Coco’s approval

For warmer days, get beige cotton trousers from Etro, with rolled-up legs, which you can buy in our online store Vitkac.  They will go ideally with both, the woolen coat during the winter and with an "oversized" shirt on warmer days. The immortal Coco Chanel believed that pants with an edge and pearls are the best set in that a modern woman can wear. Timeless elegance will provided by those made of wool, with side stripes.

The material is an additional attribute of this garment. Not only does the wool keep you warm in the winter, but it also works on warmer days. Indeed, the idea of wearing wool in the summer seems to be shocking. However, one should remember that this material has excellent thermoregulation properties. It cools in the summer, separates moisture and is resistant to dirt.



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