Although for many years it was linked with sport, men's sweatshirt is now a piece of clothing that simply goes with everything. The attention of designers of this segment of men's fashion has impressively changed its image. The sweatshirt has become a tool to express individual style and men’s designer sweatshirts have gained a well-established place on the catwalks for major fashion houses.

Men’s sweatshirts – fiery of colors, loads of emotions 

Although for many years it is linked with sport, men's sweatshirts are ambiguous and numerous destinations. The attention of designers of this segment of men's fashion has impressively changed its image. Sweatshirt have become a tool to express individual style and men’s designer sweatshirts have gained a well established place on the catwalks of major fashion houses.

 Men's sweatshirts - challenge and mission

 Comic books, graffiti, religious symbols, motifs from the most popular works of art, quotations, curse words – is there anything that hadn’t been put on a sweatshirt yet? They are the objects of the creative showcases of designers, unknown to other elements of wardrobe. "Openness" of sweatshirts to receive manifestations of human expression is directly linked to their uneasy history.

 In a difficult situation

 Extreme emotions that are inseparable with men’s hoodies resulted largely from the profession and the behaviors of some people wearing them. The very hood was associated with mystery, hostility and impure intentions. It helped to hide the image of a person assumed to be hiding something. Fear and strength of associations contributed to the creation of stereotypes about those who wore hoodies for men. Hoodies for men have become an integral part of the image of hip-hop culture representatives. Hoodies expressed their style and influenced the understanding of the message. The distinctive style reinforced the message delivered by hip-hop artists.

 Paired with records

 Sport is an area of a powerful presence of sweatshirts. Designers compete in the creation of high-tech clothing for the record-breaking athletes. There is no other field that so much appreciated the specific properties of the material and the right fit. Athletes taking off their sweaters, before entering the swimming pool, running, jumping, throwing or joining the team, are a constant element of all sport events.

 In every closet

 Sport and hip-hop music are inseparably associated with sweatshirts for men yet these are not the only areas of sweatshirts’ presence. They can be worn by everyone, and in many ways and it seems that fashion houses start to warm up to that idea. The successful printed sweatshirts take from sport comfort. While the expressive, musical background makes them a perfect canvas for creative expressions of emotions - expressed in color, texture, shape and symbolism of the applied elements. Prints clothes co-create pop culture and inscribe permanently in the repertoire of global brands.

Leading designers invite to the printed game, whose collections of sweatshirts can be found in the online store We have a vast choice for those who prefer sweaters in soft, uniform colors. High-quality fabrics and flawless fit reflect the image of a sweatshirt that can successfully replace a sweater or a jacket, not only on the way to the gym. Put on overhead or unzipped and formfitting they make a more casual, informal style. They will go perfectly with men's trousers and shoes for men. Suitable combination with other garments will help avoid a too sporty whole. It is worth remembering that the fabric of a sweatshirt should be of high quality - resistant to the effects of frequent use and repeated washing, breathable and friendly to the body.

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