It is difficult to identify as a brilliant an element of a woman's wardrobe as the women's shoulder bag - the essence of our needs, functional and aesthetic.

Shoulder bags for Women

Together with shoes, women’s shoulder bags make up an unbeatable duo. When they are well matched you will see how delightfully they elevate the perfection of any outfit.

All that we have

They are treasure chests of essentials on the inside, and works of art on the outside. A weakness for women’s shoulder bags, just ask the celebrities and well-known bloggers and celebrities, or the “it girls” who flaunt the latest models from all over the world on the social networks. Each new season brings with it discussions about new models and the classics that have been revered for years and are still being reinterpreted – such as the Birkin from Hermès or Chanel’s 2.55.

Shoulder bags for women are changing with us

From pockets under wide skirts, through decorated reticules to the richness of form and design available today, women’s need for somewhere to carry necessary or favourite items has gone hand in hand with the history of bags. Socio-cultural changes brought about a change in the way that women dressed, and the accessories they would carry with them when outside the home. Thus, lifestyle evolved, and with it the size and appearance of women's accessories. A long strap allowing a bag to hang on the shoulder freed women from having to constantly keep them in their hands. Whether the strap is detachable or fixed, today’s shoulder bags for women go way beyond their original utilitarian function, and are adored by millions for their retro style.

Wear your pride on your shoulder

Fashion houses equip their designer shoulder bags with comfortable grips, and adjustable, clip-on straps. The right style for the occasion may therefore be created, depending on whether the strap is attached or not. A strap or chain may not only be used for a postman style bag, but also for evening bags, roomy shoppers, women’s bucket bags, reporter’s bags, drawstring bags or everyday leather bags. The online store at Vitkac.com offers luxury women's shoulder bags from the top fashion houses. They are the ideal match for high heels and stylish jewellery for women.

Women’s shoulder bags – the must haves

According to the French stylists, start your own collection of bags by buying a few practical models. Among them is the postman style bag, the perfect size for coping with everyday bustle. They can hold all necessary items, but due to their dimensions will rather dissuade the carrier from unnecessary things. Should the day’s tasks call for a more carrying more items, a more capacious bag may be required, with an interior that should be divided into smaller pockets for segregating different types of things. Women’s shoppers rise to the occasion, with the additional bonus that they usually have an A4 section inside. Their simple, minimalist design suits them to most outfits. Also among the must haves is the cult classic bag; this may be a black shoulder bag, though the colour is optional, but it must be of high quality and be of a colour and shape that will make it the centerpiece of any outfit, from sportswear to evening wear. For the quality, material and design of a bag, more than anything else, speak volumes about the person holding it. A high quality shoulder bag will bring satisfaction, prestige and pleasure for many years.

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