Successful with much-loved garments and deeply flattering to the figure, women’s shorts help to create an image of freedom and charm that is also chic and elegant.

Women’s shorts – memories of summer

Shorts for women do significantly more than their primary function of keeping one cool on hot days.

The biggest fashion houses go crazy for women’s shorts, and fashionistas promote them on the streets all over the world. Their brilliant simplicity and dozens of styling possibilities make shorts a graceful foundation for summer outfits – and not only for the typical beach holiday. They help those who spend the summer in the big city to keep cool, and allow the wearer to style their character to the circumstances they are in. Everything depends on the cut, fabric, and other items of clothing worn with ladies’ shorts.

Shorts for women through the decades

Wearing white shorts for women that reached the thigh, California tennis player Alice Marble caused a scandal during the 1932 championship. Women's shorts horrified and delighted at the cinema, where they were worn by, among others, Marlene Dietrich in "Blue Angel" and Audrey Hepburn in "Sabrina". Combined with sweaters, shirts with sleeves rolled up and espadrilles, the form part of a free, classic set. Very scanty shorts were among the hallmarks of the 1940s and 50s pin-up girls trend. The heyday of interest in women’s shorts was in the 60s years and 70s, when they were presented in the collections of Gucci and Mary Quant and combined with knee-high boots and tights. At the end of the 70s, extremely short high-waisted denim shorts were worn by the character Daisy Dukes (Catherine Bach) in the TV series "The Dukes of Hazzard."

Designer shorts for women on the catwalks

Styles presented over the years on the catwalks of the world tell stories, often of the main thrust of the designers of collections. The style and choice of fabrics have been inspired by the most diverse phenomena, objects and events, becoming part of the reality exposed by their creators’ concept. Designing shorts for women opens the door to an impressive wealth of textures and colours, and of styles that mask shortcomings and emphasise the strengths of the feminine figure. Sensuous, rapacious, simple, elegant, shorts for women have always adapted to prevailing trends. They were paired with double-breasted jackets of the same material, in combination with large, urban bags in the Hermès collection of 2005. Paul & Joe’s autumn/winter collection of 2008 matched dark, high-waisted reptile skin shorts with black turtleneck decorated with lace. Geometric patterns in shades of purple, cream and beige, "reflected" on a loose tunic and matching trousers, were part of Miu Miu’s spring/summer collection in 2005. In 2008 Alexander Wang recreated the full freedom of the 80s with black, baggy shorts to mid-thigh, and cropped jacket worn open over a shirt. Then, in 2011, the Philip Lim collection presented an aristocratic, glossy satin minimalist combination of simple shorts with flat pockets, and round-neck jacket.

The many faces of women’s shorts for summer

Current trends are worth looking into, with an eye to your figure and the circumstances in which you will wear shorts. Jolly fringes, frays, patches, subtle lace, floral and exotic prints co-create "the feel of summer", an atmosphere of freedom, relaxation and festivals. In addition, designers also offer classic shorts for women - simple, fitted or loose garments to just above the knee, with creases or without and ideal for facing the heatwave in the city and at work, where mini length and bold patterns are a no-no. Bear in mind the fabrics that are body friendly in hot weather – hygienic, strongly water absorbent, wool or lyocell, which effectively wicks moisture away from the body. Visit the online store at Vitkac.com, which offers women’s shorts in many styles - from denim shorts for women to elegant ladies’ shorts – and complement your holiday outfit with women’s sunglasses and women’s tops.

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