It’s the end for crumpled magazines and dog-eared files. With a women’s shopper bag you can not only admire the appearance, but also take care of your documents.

Women’s shopper bag – not only for shopping

The type of bag known as the shopper is a capacious handbag inspired by the material on a shopping bag. Today’s versions of these bags, though, are far from the original, as they are made of high quality materials, including the best quality leather.

The shopper bag – a must have for women

Shoppers are characterised by their large size and thus increased capacity. They perfectly complement both the casual and going out look. In our internet shop at www.vitkac.com you can find convenient shopper bags in bright colors and interesting designs (the perfect addition to urban styling), as well as tasteful handbags in classic shape and colour.

Shopping? No, work!

The aesthetic appearance of official letters or important work documents suggest something about us no less than perfect make-up, hairstyle or a carefully selected outfit – and every woman who takes care of herself knows this. The shopper bag is ideal for work or school, as it can easily accommodate books, A4 documents, and even a laptop, and is a great alternative to the very official and patronising briefcases. Combined with the elegant simplicity of an office look, a leather shopper bag creates a delightful effect.

Shopper bags for special tasks

Every woman has, at least once in her life, packed a change of shoes before leaving home. It is undeniable that high heels look spectacular, but the whole day on several centimetre high heels can lead to misery. So the shopper is the bag for special assignments – it will easily accommodate not just your cosmetics, but also that second pair of shoes. Of course it’s not ideal, but it’s certainly more elegant than bringing a paper or (horror of horrors!) plastic bag for your comfortable footwear.

The elegant mum in every situation

The women’s shopper bag is the perfect fashion accessory for all mothers who appreciate comfort and practicality, and at the same time want to impress with a perfect appearance. With a shopper bag, every mum can easily carry everything her children need for the day - toys, clothes, shoes, bottles of drinks and snacks – in a colourfully designed bag. With an elegant shopper, a formal outing with a toddler is not problem either, as the bag can still hold everything necessary without ruining mum’s styling. In short, a women’s shopper bag can do the job of woven shopping bags or a denim shopping bag, while matched perfectly to the style and colour of your outfit.

A favourite of millions of women

What makes women love shopper bags? First of all, they are useful in a way that doesn’t exclude elegance. They also combine simplicity with convenience. Despite their large size they are very feminine. Additionally, a women’s shopper bag fits any styling. Irreplaceable at work, school, while shopping, and even during major outings. Who said that the dress code requires small clutches? At vitkac.com you can find the model that will capture your heart!

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