It would be hard to find a man who has not even one shirt in his wardrobe. Today, shirts for men are essential elements of male fashion, so it’s difficult to imagine that it took them a few thousand years to earn this title.

Men’s shirts, the essence of style and class

Men’s shirts through the ages – a difficult start

Men’s shirts were initially undergarments that should never see the light of day. So how did this original concealed dress shirt become a real a fashion must have? It is assumed that the prototype of the man's shirt was a tunic popular among the nomadic tribes of Central Asia, as well as the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. In the Middle Ages, shirts began to be worn as underwear. The poorest could not afford a varied wardrobe, so their shirts were often their only clothes, used for everything and accompanying them throughout their lives. Shirts of the time were usually made of undyed linen or wool.
It was only in the late Middle Ages that coloured shirts of silk, decorated with embroidery and lace in visible places began to be popular.

Men’s shirts as the mark of the upper class

After years of shirts being hidden away, the time for major changes in men's fashion came at the start of the 19th century. The dandies of the era began to popularise classical elegance, which would become the domain of all true gentlemen. Tasteful and modest shirts with stiff collars were the fashion hallmarks at the time. It is also to this that we have the saying “to look down on someone”; starched collars significantly hampered movement of the head, thus contributing to a specific type of look that has come to be associated with the representatives of the higher social classes.
Beyond rigid collar and cuffs, snow white material in a shirt also testified to one’s social status. The nineteenth century was a crucial time from the point of view of fashion, for in 1871 the first men’s long-sleeved, button-up shirts were introduced.

Men’s shirts in modern times

Revolutions do not bypass fashion, and so it is with the men's shirt. With the coming of the 20th century, elegant men's shirts began to be slowly supplanted by previously unheard of men’s casual shirts, colourful andpatterned. After the Second World War, floral patterns from Hawaiian culture began to flourish. A few decades later, the check design was popularised by Vivienne Westwood, and later by 90s, grunge era designer Marc Jacobs.
Today, in addition, men’s short sleeve shirts, men’s denim shirts, and those decorated with studs or chevrons are also popular – not to mention the classic men’s shirts, perfect for formal occasions, the cut of which has remained virtually unchanged over the decades. All of these can be found in the wide-ranging online offer at the store.

Shirts made to measure for the stylish man – what to wear and how

Today, men's shirts are the basis of not only formal wear, but also everyday fashion. Despite great popular liberalisation of dress codes, there is still an unwritten rule according to which a true gentleman does not wear the same shirt for business and social gatherings. An essential element of this type of styling should be a perfectly tailored, top class suit. Less formal occasions are, of course, governed by different rules. T-shirts and for everyday look best in combination with jeans and casual jackets.

Whatever your style preference, remember that the correct size and cut of a shirt is important. The latest fashion is for slim fit shirts, hugging the body and emphasising the figure. Choosing men's shirts at the store is the best possible solution, as it is not only a recipe for a successful shopping, but provides you with an exclusive wardrobe mapped to your unique style.

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