Complete your look by choosing a men’s scarf or shawl from the extremely colorful and patterned range available on VITKAC.

Men's scarf - a fashion accessory

The scarf is no longer only associated with winter. Nowadays we can wear it all year round, regardless of the weather. The trend for cleverly decorating your neck with shawls no longer concerns only women. Every man who is interested in the latest fashion trends knows that it’s worth having a few scarves or shawls in his wardrobe that can change their overall look.

Scarves and shawls: not only for women

An elegant outfit complemented by a perfectly tailored men’s scarf or shawl gives a timeless look. For many years, such a combination was associated with women's fashion. Fortunately, just a few seasons ago, men’s cashmere scarf and various shawls stormed into everyday men's stylizations. The majority of men still shun this type of accessory - which is a pity, because this seemingly insignificant element of clothing can make a difference to the success or failure of a stylization. You don’t need to convince any man about the functionality of the scarf or shawl. More and more men, especially those who know fashion and who like to look good, are convinced of their aesthetic values.

Stylish in the winter – a scarf for cold days

Let’s not forget about the basic task of this accesory: to protect the neck from the cold. At, we have a wide range of winter men’s designer scarves. Our woollen men's scarves are second to none. Winter, snow and blizzards do not necessarily mean you can’t look good. Timeless wool scarves are an accessory that you simply must have. What is important - thick and massive wool scarves match casual stylizations and blend in well with winter jackets. For big outings or business meetings, for which a suit is worn, it is better not to wear them. For an elegant outfit the best fit will be luxurious men's cashmere scarf or a men’s silk scarf. Depending on the preferences and the character of the outfit, men can choose from a wide range of colors and fabrics. Men's chimneys, completely enveloping the neck are a perfect winter solution, especiallyfor those who do not like the cold. A men’s hat and scarf set is another attractive combination to keep warm during the cold wintery days.

Stylish and elegant, or how a man should wrap a shawl

The choice of the right men’s scarf is still not everything – don’t let a wrongly wrapped shawl destroy your carefully crafted look. Just as there are many ways to tie ties, so we have at least several types of scarf tying. It all depends on the style of the outer garment. The most common method is tying in such a way that both ends of the shawl fall on the chest. The Parisian way is definitely more refined - the men’s scarf is folded in half, and its ends are interlaced through the loop. This fits both elegant and semi-formal stylizations. Typically elegant, sensational looking wraps with a suit or a formal coat, these are reminiscent of a tie knot or completely the opposite - those that will display the shirt and tie, where the shawl is wrapped around the neck and its ends are tied around the chest. It’s worth emphasizing the casual look by draping the shawl or scarf around the neck leaving one end shorter than the other, which closely resembles a men’s chimney scarf.

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