Rejecting men's sandals out of fear of committing a fashion faux pas, gents have stepped into other kinds of men’s summer shoes, such as sneakers, loafers and deck shoes. It hasn’t been easy for sandals to find their way into men'shearts (or onto their feet), perhaps due to the dubious quality "summer shoes with Velcro” of earlier times. But it doesn’t have to be this way.
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Men’s sandals – a stylish return to the game?

There’s more than one name for men’s sandals

The designers with global brands argue about this. For example, the collections for spring and summer of 2016 revealed a wealth of inspiration, styles, and materials. Gucci men, with slick and flowery suits, wore flat sandals with narrow straps in shades of brown and black. On the catwalk, Bottega Veneta’s Tomas Maier showed men’s flip flops on a flat sole with two wide, crossed straps, accompanied by tapered trousers – rucked up or tucked into chunky socks. For the dedicated surfers collection Dsquared2, the twin duo Dean and Dan Caten dressed men in rubber flip flops and massive black sandals with elements in contrasting shades of green and orange. The collection of elegant sandals for men by Riccardo Tisci (Givenchy) was elegantly received. The styles on the catwalk included closed-front T-bar sandals and leather designs enclosing the feet with wide leather straps without toes or heel. Openness to such diverse designs inspires a fresh look at the treatment of men’s sandals. Not every cut is doomed only to "support" beach styling, for designersandals for men are especially good for summers spent in the city – although it must be remembered that some situations and circumstances preclude them.

Men’s sandals for summer – style and quality

Men’s sandals undoubtedly belong in the informal footwear category. Leaving the toe and heel exposed prevents men’s flip flops and sandals, as well as men’s slippers and men’s slides, from being donned for work and other occasions requiring attire that is a little more formal. They are a synonym for holiday relaxation and freedom. Their design and material should protect the feet from overheating, so aim for high quality products trusted brands. At the online store, you will find a wide range of fashionable sandals for men created by the best designers at top fashion houses.

What can men’s sandals be worn with?

Original sandals go with informal outfits that make it difficult to go with a different style of footwear. Leather sandals with straps go well with retro style polo shirts and men’s shorts. Adorn (and protect) the head with a straw hat. Light flip flops can be worn on the beach, ideally with colourful swimwear for men and stylish sunglasses for men. Holidays offer multiple possibilities for styling with sandals. It is important that the effect is light, casual and stylish. An outfit expresses respect for others, and the heat of summer is not an excuse for too free an appearance, so avoid embarrassing situations by ensuring your clothing is appropriate to given places and circumstances.


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