On Vitkac.com online store you can find women's sandals on any occasion. From the corded thongs on soles of ancient civilisation to the stone-studded straps on futuristic platforms and poles, women’s sandals have had a very long history in the battle about social status, as symbols of passion and desire, through rejection, and finally experiencing a spectacular renaissance.

Women’s sandals – for more than just protection

Shoe lust

Nude and insinuating dance… women’s bare feet have aroused intense allegations, and women’s sandals have for centuries had much more meaning and function than simple practical protection. The degree of cover – or unveiling – inherent in this type of footwear aroused such emotions that women wearing sandals have been met with indignation, and even bans.

The renaissance of sandals for women in the 1920s was both inspired by the imagination of our ancestors and a response to the need for lifestyle changes after the hardships of the First World War. Sandals for women gained fabulous heels and platforms, and their uppers became the canvas for the unlimited imagination of genius artists. Salvatore Ferragamo pampered celebrities with his artistry, creating luxurious sandals in various styles such as the iconic Kimo and Vitrea. His Rainbow, golden sandals on cork platforms made for Judy Garland in the late 1930s passed into shoe legend. Elegant sandals for women become commonplace in the world of dance and the upper classes.

Women’s sandals – from the New Look, via hippy, to today

With the very feminine New Look, Christian Dior helped restore the status of sandals in Paris, centre of fashion, adding welcome and exclusive womens’ sandals to what had been a meagre selection. Rich, dignified tailoring of clothing intended for luxury and prosperity changed the appearance of the female figure to inspire a new, fuller, idealised vision. For with dress style inevitably comes behaviour, and the expectation of flawless manners from ladies “tied” in life met radical rebellion from the new generation. The 1960s were dominated by the need for women to free themselves from norms, rules and clichés. Thus the close straps enclosing the foot were replaced with the comfort of leather sandals with wide straps and massive cork soles – not to mention moral freedom. In the following decades, the most fashionable sandals continued to be those with adornments and heel lifts. The wealth of design possibilities and structures, materials and components in any part of women’s sandals and women’s slippers makes this part of the shoe industry extremely colourful. Every season, collections of fashionable sandals are seen on the catwalks, leaving viewers in awe over a new form of genius and reinterpretation of iconic styles.

Your own collection of sandals for women

To attain that relaxing feeling of effortless summer fashion, stylists recommend that you equip yourself with a few pairs of sandals of different heights, materials, and adornments. Roman leather style sandals for women occupy an important position in such a collection, as they evoke pleasant associations with relaxing holidays, and also go with many summer dresses. These universal and simple gladiator sandals should be accompanied by more ornate styles – for example, sandals that seductively reveal the whole foot, with one strap decorated with beads and a clasp around the ankle do not require additional jewellery and will complement the simplest dress. For a summer night out, high heel sandals are a must – but make sure you know the best height for heel and platform, so as to increase stability and security in movement. Or take a break from extreme heels while lifting the whole body, with wedge heel espadrilles – which lend a natural, neutral, unforced and graceful style. Rest of extreme heels while lifting the whole body will provide soft wedge heel espadrilles on. Also in any collection of sandals should be women’s flip flops and women’s sliders, ready for the beach holiday. They go well with swimming costumes and loose clothes. The online store at Vitkac.com offers sandals for women for every occasion, along with exclusive clothing and accessories, such as women’s handbags and
women's sunglasses.

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