Rings for women are a truly unique piece of jewelry that reflect a woman’s personal style and taste. In our online VITKAC store you will find rings that suit any occasion – all from the latest designers.

Designer rings - emotions and freedom of imagination

It’s remarkable how many emotions are associated with a ring. Carefree childhood fun, an engagement ring made from cheetos at summer camp, the first "serious" teen ring, and finally the engagement ring.

Rings for girls: close to the heart

It would be safe to say that the value of any type of ring – whether it be a sterling silver ring or a designer ring - lies in its emotional worth. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a ring for yourself, or you’re getting one for your grandmother, fiancé or husband, we want our choice to be good. Rings for women are most often connected with sentimental memories of loved ones or special events.

We have that comfort

When men wear signets or rings, there’s usually some controversy around it. Men's hands decorated with rings remain under much greater fire of watchful looks and critical remarks compared to women’s hands. With rings for women, we have almost complete freedom and a whole lot of possibilities. Women’s rings can be expressive, universal, with a large stone, a tiny eye, made from various materials and in countless forms. What’s important for the ring to look good is self-confidence alongside high-quality material and consistency with our style.

With a blue eye, with a blue sky

Rings for girls are truly versatile in their size, material and degree of decorativeness which favors the designer’s ability to express himself creatively. Fruits of the designer’s unlimited imagination are proudly shown on the catwalks and boutiques. Vitkac.com online store offers a wide selection of the highest quality jewelry – gold rings for women, sterling silver rings, rings with stones and many other models. Designer rings are available from the largest and most exclusive fashion houses. Rims that surround the finger are decorated with intricate stone sequences, geometric shapes, flowers and animals.

Rings for women: pleasure of the highest quality

As with all clothes and accessories, when purchasing rings for women, top priority should be placed on buying the highest quality product. We should look out for metals and precious stones that will last for years – with time, gaining charm.  Gold rings for women that come in yellow shades are still very popular and are known for their finest quality. White and pink gold rings are also gaining more and more recognition amongst women. The most popular 925 sterling silver rings are a more universal proposal that can easily match anything you own in your wardrobe.

The advantage of sterling silver rings is that they are more financially available compared to other rings. Swarovski rings are an interesting choice - a company that invented and patented a glass grinding machine that allows error-free crystal processing. A diamond-like effect is achieved through a complete, multiple or partial galvanizing process. Versace rings are the perfect choice for ladies who like to emphasize their style with distinctive high-end accessories. This Italian fashion house has been known for decades for its richness of form, while maintaining the highest quality. Check out the Vitkac.com online jewelry offer and find unique women's earrings and women's brooches.

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