Acceptable, unacceptable? Passé or perhaps considered rather chic – the right to wear signets and men’s rings has been a hot topic on men’s fashion forums and blogs for quite some time now. In any case, the intricate works of the greatest designers make a bold statement of their own: that there’s more to men’s jewelry than just wearing a watch and men’s wedding bands.

Men's rings

Men's jewelry is becoming more and more popular. No wonder, after all men also love sparkles. Men's rings in different variations are a stylish addition to any styling: elegant and casual. With their help you can express yourself and emphasize your personality. Exceptional men's rings from world designers can be found in Vitkac.

For whom men's rings?

Fashion knows no gender or limitations. If you think that for some reason you should not wear rings, let us lead you astray. Men's jewelry: rings, bracelets or chains are an attribute of a stylish man. If you like sparkles, wear them with pride! They will look especially good with elegant outfits: a suit or a shirt with a jacket. A simple ring can also be worn with casual or sporty outfits.

Types of men's rings

Classic and simple or eccentric and shiny? Rings can be a symbol of great feelings: love, friendship. They can also reflect our personality, love for a particular style or fashion in general. Many men wear rings on a daily basis as a symbol of matrimonial status. In many cultures, it is common to wear men's signet rings, often passed down in the male line from generation to generation. A men's rosary ring, on the other hand, is a way to show devotion to religion.

Jewelry is often not a decorative shiny object, but a keepsake, reminding us of our values or loved ones.

Men's rings: silver and gold

Rings emphasize your style and say a lot about your personality. You can opt for a simple men's silver ring, which will not be conspicuous but will certainly give you a classy and chic look. A silver signet ring with engraving can be a great keepsake for you from an important event.

Men's gold ring is often chosen as a wedding ring. However, gold rings look great with an extravagant and striking design. If you are looking for a men's signet ring that will impress, the gold model is just for you. A gold ring adorned with a stone will also be a perfect choice for an engagement.

Men's engagement ring - which one to choose?

Looking for a men's engagement ring? Choose an original model. If you are looking for a "wow" effect, a men's diamond ring will surely surprise your beloved one. On the other hand, black men's ring is the perfect choice for minimalists, who prefer delicate, unobtrusive accessories, but at the same time stylish and original. The ring in black color also looks exceptionally masculine.

For fans of classics we recommend men's silver and gold rings. Thin or wide - the choice is yours. Choose one that will match the personality of the recipient, then he will certainly not take it off his finger.

How to check your ring size?

If you want to buy a ring, you should know your size. The easiest way to check if the ring you have chosen will fit you is to wrap a string around your finger and then measure the circumference of the loop. You can also search online for a tape measure and apply the string to it. If you have the option, go to a jewelry store and ask them to measure your finger. This way you will surely get a reliable result.

On which finger is a man's ring worn? It is usually worn on the ring finger of the right hand. Most often rings are worn on it after marriage. However, much depends on your own preferences. You can wear your jewelry on any finger, depending on where you are most comfortable or on which ring looks best in your opinion.

Men's designer rings

If you are looking for original men's rings that you can wear with many outfits, check out the designer rings available on Luxury jewelry from Versace or iconic signet rings from Alexander McQueen will allow you to express yourself in any situation. You can also find men's rings for a gift, which will surely make the recipient happy.



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