Properly selected mens necklaces will boost every outfit.

Mens necklaces - final touch for men outfit

The fashion purists repeat that only three types of jewellery are proper for men: watches, rings and cufflinks. Such a rigorous restriction may cause that under certain conditions we are left without any jewellery. 

Key word: complement

Mens necklaces are considered to be one of the most difficult accessories for men to choose. This is true, but it's enough to get acquainted with a few simple rules, and the range of possible uses of necklaces will dramatically increase! First of all, the men chains are supposed to complement the styling and not be its main point - let's leave this extravagance to women. Silver chain for men is much more safer choice, than gold chain for men, because it can be combined with almost any clothing. Beneath the collar of a shirt or a t-shirt edging, only a part of the chain should be visible, flashing occasionally and attracting the attention. However, slightly more expressive silver or even gold necklace for men, made up of larger links can be a good choice, we focus rather on silver, because it can be well combined with other accessories as well. For silver necklaces we recommend to choose a silver buckle belt, while courageous men can even try to fit it with the silver men rings.

Mens necklaces as a manifesto

A popular type of men neck decoration are pendants, inspired by military style, so called „dog tags”. Nowadays, placing on these metal plates own data is less popular thanputting there names of beloved or lyrics, particularly important for the wearer. Decorative dog tags can still be as utilitarian as their original - thanks to information about the owner's blood group, for example. Dog tags can even be worn as a pacifist manifesto against all odds! Such a decoration can be worn with the majority of everyday clothing. Another type of mens necklaces "with a message" are these which communicate some kind of belonging - usually religious. Religious symbols on men's chest and neck may have different forms. One can afford a bit more extravagance here and, if it doesn't interfere with our beliefs, choose slightly larger decorations of a religious nature or communicating any other kind of affiliation - all depends on how strong the message we want to include in our outfit. It is essential for the necklace to look natural on us.

Necklaces for the brave ones

Until now, we have proved that mens chains can be successfully combined with most of the classic clothes. But what if we want to break the rules? We can choose from a wide range of necklaces with pendants or short chocker-like leather straps, which can be worn with "beach" outfits. For this type of necklaces, comfort is extremely important, so when choosing them, one has to remember to pay attention to what material they are made of. It is best to stick to high quality natural materials such as leather. The biggest fashion houses present boldly designed decorations, which can complement the most sophisticated and unusual outfits. We invite you to familiarise yourself with exclusive necklaces of well-known brands offered by our online shop.

On a daily basis and for special occasions

Mens necklaces could complement most outfits and there are no contraindications to wear them every day, but to strengthen the power of their expression, it may be worth to wear them a little less often! The charm of the mens necklaces lies in their mysteriousness, because usually we see only a small part of them, and the rest remains in the sphere of guesses, hidden under the clothes. We must not allow necklaces to wear off! For this purpose it is good to have among your accessories several necklaces, discreet and more extravagant ones.

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