Surely there is not a woman alive who could imagine life without a bag, whether he everyday shopper or a clutch for the evening – and of course, the capacious and handy women's travel bag that she takes on every trip.
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The women’s travel bag - stylish luggage, stylish lady

Women’s hand luggage bags and suitcases – accessories for every lady

The modern women’s suitcase, like the women’s holdall and travel bags on wheels, is made of different materials. Yet the essence of all is their great strength and low weight. To this end, they are produced of leather, fabric or plastic. Suitcases are normally composed of light metals, carbonate and leather, and their performance is determined by their usefulness.

The best women's travel bag should be extremely light, to avoid problems during handling and transporting. At the same time they should be adequately roomy, to accommodate everything necessary during a trip. Suitcases and bags should be constructed not only with secure storage of clothing and shoes in mind, but also with a view to protecting delicate and vulnerable objects (including glass or crystal bottles of perfume, or jewellery). So, the right choice of travel bag depends to a large extent on the security it offers our wardrobe.

The evolution of the women’s travel bag across the centuries

The history of the women’s travel bag dates back to the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries. Travellers in those times carried all their personal items in large trunks, usually made of wood and covered with skin, and, later, other materials. They were solid and durable, but very bulky. Over time, more practical leather saddlebags, trunks and suitcases began to appear.
The most spectacular expeditions, and thus the most extravagant in terms of transporting luggage, concerned the most wealthy people and the aristocracy. They are still stories told of the trips of magnate Johann Friedrich, Marquis von Hoensbroech, who took with him on his travels almost 200 personal items (including his favourite hand-painted porcelain). The actress Marlene Dietrich’s baggage usually consisted of around 80 trunks and suitcases, but the star never bothered herself about their transport as she had dedicated staff to do this for her. Today, a woman cannot always rely on porters, so a practical women’s travel bag plays an important role.

The women's travel bag - an essential accessory for every active women

The appearance, shape, and, above all, the weight of suitcases, have evolved over the years. Along with their development, and with the growing popularity of women’s hand luggage bags for the most vital little things useful during travel, companies specialising in the design and manufacture of such accessories began to emerge. Louis Vuitton and Maison Hermés, which to this day are symbols of elegence on the go, are especially worth mentioning here.
Today, the most popular models of travel accessories include mobile and lightweight travel bags on wheels, and hand luggage for tourists. When preparing to travel, you should purchase a set of suitcases and matching handheld bags, so that your luggage matches not only its companions but also your style. For of course, the women’s travel bag and suitcase designed by the biggest names in the world of fashion are not only for the transport of clothing – they are also intended to highlight our wardrobes.

Fashionable women's bags for travellers

For years, the real triumphs and classic models of suitcases and travel bags for women have remained with us. As Coco Chanel used to say, "fashion passes, style remains." It is therefore important not to blindly follow trends, but to be true to your own tastes, to simplicity and classic design. These accessories in high-quality materials and elegant design are available at the Vitkac.com online store.
In selecting a women's travel bag, be guided by the principle of matching accessories with the other elements of your wardrobe. Each stylish world traveller should have a suitcase and handheld bag in similar style, and these should also match seemingly insignificant accessories such as purse or glasses. Accessories really do emphasise styling, adding character and even magnifying it, so careful selection and attention to the best materials are important. In the end, the devil is in the details.

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