Men's travel bags are among the accessories which, over the decades, have changed in a very obvious manner. Primarily utilitarian in function, such bags underwent an evolution from the inconvenient and impractical to the accessory without which it is hard to imagine any journey today.

The men’s travel bag - from wooden trunk to Louis Vuitton suitcase

Hard times and heavy luggage

Travel bags have existed for hundreds of years, ever since humans began to move from place to place with all their belongings. Initially, such bags were in fact large boxes, trunks that would be decorated inside and out in wealthier families. Over time their shape evolved, but the dimensions and weight of such trunks remained a challenge for many men – for it was precisely the men who were responsible for loading luggage into a car or train, and unloading again at the destination.

These trunks often weighed several dozen kilos, some even up to 200 kg. They were usually made of quality wood, with metal straps to protect against damage. It’s easy to see how lifting such a trunk could be an exhausting, and sometimes even dangerous, activity.

It was a man called Louis Vuitton who came to the rescue of the modern man. In the mid-19th century, he was engaged in the production of trunks for travellers, and developed a model that was not only lighter than any other on the market, but also had a flat top. With each new design, Vuitton implemented new features in every successive model.

The men’s travel bag - a revolution on wheels

The end of the 19th century was a turning point for the travel accessories market, as the development of railways and urban infrastructure meant that people began to travel purely as tourists. It was also at this time that hand-held cases of more practical dimensions gained in popularity.

A few decades later, the travel case had evolved to become a model designed by Rimowa, made of aluminium and much lighter than other models available on the market. International travel became increasingly popular in the late 1960s, leading to new requirements in travel luggage. It was Bernard Sadow who brought about the next suitcase revolution – fitting wheels to make it easy and faster to move luggage from place to place. It is this generation of suitcases that are best known to us today, and which offer great convenience while travelling.

Men's travel bags - luxury and comfort

However, the men's travel bag is not only a suitcase on wheels. The trunks designed by Louis Vuitton evolved into the men’s holdall and men’s suitcase that we might see today. Leather man bags are comfortable and convenient to carry, and the leather men’s holdall offers both elegance and robustness during travel. Men’s travel bags are also created by Armani and Saint Laurent.

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