Blurring the lines
between fashion and sport

A fusion of sports style and functional urban casual wear. These words can describe Lacoste, a brand founded in 1933 by the legendary French tennis player René Lacoste. The fashion house, known for its iconic alligator logo, has been delivering timeless collections in a rich colour palette for years, which include stylish apparel, comfortable footwear and practical accessories beloved by fashionistas from all over the world. Each season the French brand, drawing on its impressive sports heritage and tremendous experience, responds to the needs of the most discerning fashion enthusiasts, who not only pay attention to the quality and comfort of wear of selected garments but also to their accordance with current trends. Thanks to the versatility and wide range of these unique models, we can create coherent and inimitable looks for everyday urban excursions and endless alfresco activities.

From now on you can get inspired by our photo shoot, which we carried out in cooperation with Jakub Orliński. Building on a wide range of Lacoste pieces, we focused on contrasting styles that cannot be ignored. We did not limit ourselves to one rigidly defined aesthetic. We combined chic silhouettes with casual, sporty items and seemingly ordinary cuts with eye-catching accessories. Undoubtedly, the latest 'L003 NEO' sneakers played a key role. The main inspiration for this model was... the movement of tennis balls. Available in several colour iterations, they express the dynamism, unpredictability and confidence of masterful plays on the court, connect the past with the future and blur the boundaries between sport and fashion.

In the looks we presented, no detail was accidental. When selecting the designs, we kept in mind one of the many interests our protagonist, Jakub Orliński. And his talents are not limited to classical music. The Polish countertenor and singer performing on stages around the world is also a successful break dancer. His achievements in this field include awards in many dance competitions, such as Red Bull BC One Poland Cypher, Stylish Strike – Top Rock Contest or The Style Control. We could also admire Jakub as a model – Levi's, Nike and Mercedes-Benz are just some of the brands that have invited the talented artist to star in their campaigns. The photoshoot's protagonist enchanted us with his strong personality, reminiscent of the founder of the Lacoste brand himself. What the artist and the Frenchman have in common is the unbelievable persistence in pursuing their goals, their steadfastness and great commitment.

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