Mens Cardigan is a kind of elegant men's sweater. It was named after James Thomas Brudenellowi, the English General and Count Cardigan, who popularized it during the Crimean War. He advised his colleagues to cut open woolen vests for comfort. Soon, the outfit has become their trademark.

Men love men's sweaters!

Sweaters for men are classics of the genre. Men are very fond of them because they can adapt to different occasions. They will work for both,  sport and everyday looks, as well as for more formal style. Besides, they are warm, comfortable and very tasteful.

Where did men’s cardigans come from?

The above-mentioned cut is what makes cardigans for men different from other sweaters like high-neck or pullover. They are not put on through the head, but fastened with buttons or zipper. They can be classic, but often they are also decorative.

First of all: versatility

Designer men's sweaters and men’s cashmere sweaters are a permanent part of menswear collections as they are versatile. Men wear them to all sorts of outfits. Some appreciate their casual character and combine them with jeans or shorts and men's t-shirt.

There are also those for whom sweater is an essential addition to the elegant styling. You wear it on your shirt and smart trousers. It is worth making sure that the lower part of the outfit matches the sweater. Otherwise, the whole look will be sloppy and not very chic.

Secondly: best to keep you warm

Wool sweaters for men and men’s knitwear prove themselves at any time of the year, but by far they are most useful in colder weather. Friendly material does not cause allergy and can maintain a stable, warm temperature.

Cardigans can be worn underneath a jacket (in autumn or winter), or treated as a light cape (summer or spring with variable weather).

Thirdly: the perfect style

This type of clothes never goes out of fashion and is loved by those who want to look stylish and tasteful. Sweaters’ enthusiasts include famous stars such as Johnny Depp, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ryan Gosling. Prince Harry also appreciates them a lot. It is no coincidence that all these men occupy high positions in the rankings of the best-dressed men.

Market offers a lot of versions of sweaters. Many of them can be found in our online store

Most often men choose the classic version of elegant men's sweaters, with a zipper. They are fastened from the bottom or from the chest up. They are usually suitable for a less formal style.

Designers offer us the double-breasted cardigans with a deep and spreading collar, large buttons and heavily cut neckline. Such a cut is recommended for those who want to look fresh and youthful.

For more serious look, stylists have one piece of advice: Invest in a sweater with leather elements. Then you will look very chic and stylish. These leather elements can be found in different places: on the elbows, on the collar or on the pockets.

Universal tip for all is to wear woolen sweaters for men as a jacket. This means that you should not be fully buttoned up. When you wear them with a shirt and elegant outfit, remember to leave one or two buttons undone. This will look good, and the material will form perfectly.

Moreover, pay attention to the selection of elements. If your sweater is plain, you can wear it with a printed shirt. This works the other way round too. 

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