Leather jacket for women has many names – classic pilot jacket, minimalist cafe racer and the distinctive biker jacket. The choice of popular leather is primarily one of… your believes. Express your personality and buy a jacket that will become a constant element of your style

Warmth and elegance. Check, which jackets for women are truly timeless.

Quilted sports jackets for women, parks and double-breasted coats were the hit of the streets around the world. Well-fitting clothing will keep the proportions of your silhouette and add a confidence boost. If you want to stand out from the crowd, check the proposals we have prepared for you.

The defender of feminine comfort

Sneakers on a wedge? Minimalism mixed with boho style? If you value the marriage of casual and elegance, you should become familiar with projects by Isabel Marant. This French designer has taught us from the 1990s how the embroidery in Indian installment, interspersed with fringed and beaded fabrics of high quality can make our everyday look. Since she launched beckets, a shoe with a heel ceased to be a synonymous of sore legs.

Marant started with sweaters of scraps and… cloths. This form of fun with form can be still seen in her projects today. Bold combination of patterns and shapes is the very the essence of her style. Fashionable women’s jackets from Marant will make an extravagant base, which you can pair with classic trousers with edge or immortal jeans (preferably those with Navajo embroidery). We can also follow the advice of the very designer and find ourselves in her style. Marant says, "Matching a fitting jackets with something fluffy - this has always been my style." Classic total look will also work here. After all, nothing goes better with an elegant jacket for women than a skirt in the same style? You can buy it in our online store and enjoy this timeless must-have!

Your second skin

 How should you choose? Here are some important tips:

  • First: if you need a universal jacket, go for cafe racer style. This jacket, popular among men, should be well-fitted and short. Maison Margiela brand will guarantee its good quality. It is a rather classic proposal for this fashion house, known mainly from its geometrical and complex prints.
  • Second: Your closet is filled with classics- plain, high quality fabrics; simple geometrical prints- buy a ramonesque. It should also be fitted and short, just as a racer. Remember, however, that its classic style should not be overwhelmed with extravagant outfit.
  • Third tip is about bomber, also known as a pilot jacket. If you are putting together an outfit for a hot summer, this jacket is not right for you. It will keep you warm thanks to the tightening loops and buttons. As it needs to be loose, it will add a few extra pounds. Thus it will work great for skinny women, with a fitted top and high heels.

If you’re looking for something for the chilly early spring and cold autumn days, check the proposition by Diesel with four pockets and stylish epaulettes at Vitkac.

Fashion for craziness!

Anna Wintour once said that fashion is based on looking ahead. Self-confidence will be popular in any season. So, you can bet on a little bit of extravagance. Pair a quilted Moncler jacket with a tasteful little black dress from Burberry. Women's sports jacket have a renaissance for several seasons. The next day, combine stylish white women’s designer jacket by Marini with sweatpants by Chloe. Remember - elegant winter jackets for women don’t have to be synonymous of boredom, closed in the corporate office. Only you can decide how crazy your look will be!

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