Discover your new, sophisticated style with a wide range of hats for women. On our website you will find hats with a wide and narrow brim made of the best materials. A classic fedora or straw panama will never go out of fashion!

Women's hats - colour and styles effusion

It's amazing what they can do. The play of lights and shadows will make every face intriguing. They will increase the value of simplest outfit with trench and jeans. They cover from the sun, wind and prying eyes. Women's hats definitely have the power.

Zoom on hats for women

If we were aware of how stunning we look in hats, our wardrobes would disappear in the shadow of their brims. On the streets we are often attracted by mysterious silhouettes with headgears on. We admire the style and sophistication of these looks, not realising that the most of the work is done by the hat itself. Its presence ennobles even the simplest coat and boots set.

Always trendy womens winter hats

Shyness towards headgear is worth breaking. French stylists suggest to start the adventure with women's hats for winter from classic fedora or trilby models. The first one has a wider brim and it is recommended to tilt it so it was positioned over the eyebrows. On the other hand, the trilby model, due to more narrow brim, are put on the back of the head. The desired fabric for women's hats for winter as well as for beanie hats for women is wool.

Summer under cover

In hot days, style and protection are just as important as in the winter. Before the holiday season it is worth thinking about a set of women's hats for the summer. On this occasion lightweight straw models will be just perfect. Headgear type that always looks appropriate and unpretentious is fashionable women's panama hat. A ribbon, placed above the brim adds charm to the whole outfit.

Women's hats in capital cities of fashion

The headgears seem to be a permanent element off the catwalks. Designers passionately develop an attractive space on women heads by adding to their collections hats in various styles, from those inspired by immortal classics to futuristic installations. In 2008 at Dior's show, John Galliano paid a tribute to Marlene Dietrich with a black bowler. Two years later, the same bowler in a grey version has appeared also in Hermès's collection. In the ACNE 2009 collection, set consisting of a simple dress and boots, was accompanied by a stetson hat with folded brim.

Looking for stylish ladies hats

You can find a wide range of hats in our online shop. We also encourage you to familiarise yourself with a rich assortment of sunglasses that will reliably support your hat in the protection against the sun. Specially for you, we have also selected wrapping scarves, neckers and umbrellas (in case that during the summer holidays women's hats need to be put aside for a while).

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