Women have it really good! Ballerinas, espadrilles, loafers, moccasins ... these and other flat shoes for women not only go with many outfits on many occasions, but more importantly they can be worn almost all year round.

Women’s flat shoes – the stylish choice for many occasions

Ladies can wear women’s espadrilles in the early spring, women’s moccasins in the summer, and women’s leather loafers in the autumn. And, with the choice of styles and colours at Vitkac.com, there will be no complaints.

A brief history of women's flat shoes

The history of shoes goes back to ancient times, when our ancestors recognised the need to protect their feet from the ground upon which they moved every day. While functionality is still the primary function of footwear, there is no denying that shoes today are also treated as decoration – and as an important element of complementary styling. Depending on the composition of an outfit, shoes will sometimes even play first violin.

The perfect flat shoes for women?

There is probably no more comprehensive type of footwear for women than flat shoes. They can be elegant, athletic, masculine style, suede, leather, velvet, quilted brocade, painted, and even rubber ... In short, ladies can take their pick. As if that were not enough, flat shoes for women easily complement outfits for a spring picnic, summer evenings on the beach or an autumn walk in the park.

Luxurious and robust - the best combination!

If you're after reliable shoes to enjoy for many seasons, we encourage you to visit the Vitkac.com store, where you will find a luxurious range of the highest quality. Here you will find not only fashionable flat shoes for women, but also in many other types such as stylish leather sandals and high boots. And any woman with her own unique style will surely find something for herself among a broad range of handbags and other accessories.

Flat shoes - not only for the daytime

Flat shoes for women, like boots or sandals, come in both casual and elegant styles. In the latter case, they are ideal for any celebration, for a ball or even to work with the right outfit. At Vitkac.com even fans of high heels will find the perfect flat shoes for women – as will every advocate of this style. And, as is well known, elegant flat shoes are a real must have in the wardrobe of every woman.

My dream shoes ... or what?

Each of us is different, with different taste and character - this is obvious. Fortunately, the woman's world is so diverse! The vast majority of women want feminine shoes that present a slender ankle or foot.
High-quality shoes from top designers will also hide some imperfections that we want to cover. For some of us this might be feet too small or too big. In the first case, choose single colour shoes without too much stitching. In the latter case, it’s definitely better to opt for shoes with plenty of stitching, as these will optically "intersect" the foot to make it appear smaller. When it comes to material, you should choose leather shoes, as women’s leather flat shoes for summer can also be worn in the spring and early autumn.

Women's shoes in men's style

Not all women prefer decorative, sexy and daring and high footwear. Flat shoes for women are especially good for long walks with the family or best friends. If you like shoes in men's style, you will definitely find something among the wide range of moccasins and loafers at Vitkac.com, where you can order shoes that will not only serve you for years but are also attractive to the eye.

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