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The power behind earrings for women

When properly selected, they can work wonders: from the simplest look to conjuring up a great outfit, a visually slender face, giving it shine, and even ... taking off a few years. What lies behind the secret to earrings for women, the most-favored woman's piece of jewelry?

Timeless jewelry

The history of women’s earrings dates back to the Middle East, 3,000 years BC. Initially, earrings were not an ornament, but they performed certain functions: they were a determinant of tribal affiliation and reported high social status. For years, women's earrings and gloves were considered a symbol of refinement. Today, everyone can wear earrings, not just the "higher spheres" of society. But you can still show off your high social or property status: after all, not everyone can afford high-end luxury earrings. Earrings for women delight with the richness of designs and colors. There are earrings made of various materials: from precious metals to bioplast, from gold earrings to pearl earrings. What is in them that make them so desired as a body decoration?

Earrings for women: reaching the general public

In Europe over the centuries, the trend for decorating ears was popular, while at other times it was severely criticized. Real interest in earrings increased with the rise of the film industry. Many women dreamt about wearing Audrey Hepburn’s pearl earrings and Marylin Monroe’s sterling silver earrings. It was also at that time that the trend for women's clips became popular, which quickly became a real hit. Many clips are associated with a grandmother's jewelry box. Time to dust them off! They’re not only the perfect solution for ladies who do not have pierced ears. Clips have this "x factor" - so it's worth having at least one pair of them. Women who value originality and luxury can go a step further and choose outstanding, exclusive earrings.

Pure luxury: silver earrings

Once upon a time, gold was a symbol of luxury. Nowadays, sublime silver jewelry is desirable, such as sterling silver earrings. Nothing stands in the way from completing the look of an elegant outfit with a pair of silver earrings. Trendy earrings (including oxidized silver or rhodium plated) are the perfect every-day solution – for meeting friends or going to work. Who said you can’t look glam during the day? Visit the online Vitkac.com store and find the unique earrings you’ve been dreaming of.

A must-have for a great night out

These days no one is surprised by a piece of plastic dangling off someone’s ear. This freedom in the selection of jewelry, however, does not apply to elegant, stylish women. Properly selected earrings can be a perfect complement to any style. They can add a gentle touch or they can dominate the look and attract attention. For day meetings it’s worth choosing short, unobtrusive earrings, for an evening out: dangling models, long - extremely stylish and tempting. Timeless are pearl earrings or crystal ones- a must-have for every lady with extremely sophisticated taste. In our online Vitkac.com store you will find extremely tasteful earrings for women for every occasion.

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