Attract everybody’s attention with men’s earrings from VITKAC. Metal earrings with lavish embellishment will add you grace and confidence. Do not hesitate to look through our dazzling pick of men’s jewelry.
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Men's earrings

Men's earrings are an accessory for the stylish man who is not afraid of fashion challenges. They are worn by the biggest Hollywood stars, proving that earrings for men look extravagant and add sex appeal. Men's earrings are in the collections of the greatest fashion designers, creating trends in men's jewelry. Check what kind of earrings we offer on!

Men's earrings - for whom?

Earrings have taken over men's fashion, convincing more and more men to wear them. Just a few years ago it was popular to wear an earring in one ear, but today two or more are worn, depending on preference. Men in earrings look nonchalant and classy, so it is worth checking out the most interesting models of men's earrings today.

Earrings, like any other men's jewelry, can be worn without limits. It is enough if you have pierced ears. And if you are not a fan of piercing, men's magnetic earrings will be a great diversification for you.

Men's earrings - express your personality

In the piercer or rocker community men's earrings are nothing new and have their own meaning. Many subcultures use them to express their personality, style or beliefs. Wearing men's earrings can also be culturally determined in many environments, and piercing boys' ears is a tradition. If you like this style, get yourself some fashionable earrings.

However, if you are not sure whether it is for you, before you get your ears pierced, try jewelry, which does not require a hole in the ear - clip-on earrings, magnetic male earrings or earmuffs. They are a temporary solution that you can put on when it is convenient for you, for example when you need to diversify your outfit for an evening out.

The most fashionable men's earrings

Whether you wear one, two or several earrings in your daily life, you can add the most fashionable designs to your collection today. Men's black, silver and gold earrings are on trend. Thanks to the materials they are made of, they are not allergenic and wearing them is completely comfortable. The most fashionable designs that you should take a closer look at are round men's earrings, with a hanging cross, and also in other original shapes. Find the jewelry that best expresses who you are.

Men's earrings: diamond, hoops, earrings

Whether you are a minimalist and appreciate classics and elegance the most, or you consider yourself eccentric with a penchant for eye-catching accessories, you will surely find the perfect pair for you among men's earrings. You can also compromise by opting for original jewelry such as men's hoop earrings. Circles come in minimalistic, simplest versions as well as decorative ones with a cross or other motif attached.

Men's cross earring is one of the most fashionable motifs. You can treat it as an ordinary decoration or give it a meaning. Earrings with ornaments in the form of crosses look best in black or silver. You can also find them in gold or gold-plated versions.

Men's diamond earrings are for bold men who prefer jewelry that really sparkles. They usually come in the form of stylish screws. They can have a simple design or quite expressive. They will surely be eye catching nevertheless. If you do not have holes in your ears, you do not have to resign from this type of decoration - men's diamond earrings can also be found in magnetic or clip-on form.

Earrings, on the other hand, are ornaments most often worn on the cartilage. They imitate a piercing called a helix. However, not everyone has the need to pierce cartilage, and an earmuff is a great option for a temporary adornment when you feel like testing out a new look.

Designer earrings from Vitkac

You can find a wide range of men's earrings in the trendiest styles at Vitkac. We have designer earrings from Alexander McQueen and unique embellishments from Allsaints, Ambush and Balenciaga. Complete your collection of earrings with designs by world designers and wear the way you want.


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