Designer men`s coats are an ally of all those who value classics and elegance. It accompanies men for many years. According to researchers of fashion, its origins should be sought in the UK. Initially, this type of belted men's double-breasted coats were worn mainly by British military men.

Fashion wouldn’t be the same without men’s coats

Men’s trench coat is considered by many as an iconic and always fashionable element of menswear. No wonder! It has been worn from decades and is still very popular and loved by stylish men. It is great for bad weather and looks great.

The extraordinary story of the men’s trench coat

 They were designed to effectively protect against rain and other external factors. It quickly proved to be very effective and the British army eagerly ordered hundreds of pieces more.

At the beginning of the 19th century, orders for coats were realized by English clothier and inventor, Thomas Burberry. It was him, who invented the so-called "gabardine", the cotton waterproof material especially for men`s winter coats. He sewed half a million of trench coats for military, equipped with epaulets and belt loops for weapons! Most coats were made in khaki, beige, olive green and gray. They were worn during both world wars, although their greatest popularity falls on the interwar period. Veterans were eager to wear them to everyday outfits. So the perception of trench coats changed quickly, from raincoats they have become a fashionable part of clothing.

Interestingly, Lord Horatio Herbert Kitchener was the ambassador of elegant coats for men. He was so fond of his trench coat that he… died wearing it! This happened during the unfortunate cruise of 1916.

Ladies follow men’s example

This type of clothing appealed to ladies as well. In the 1940s big stars, including Marlene Dietrich, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot began to wear trench coats. The trench coat was also among the collection of women'sclothing line by Audrey Hepburn, who starred in the coat in the final scene of  "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

Men wearing trench coats appeared on screens earlier. Humphrey Bogart, Peter Sellers, and later Harrison Ford made trench coat their trademark.

How to wear a trench coat?

This fashionable men’s trench coats still lead in global trends. The market offers plenty designs and colors. A large selection of trench coats can be found in out online store The question remains: how to wear them and what to wear them with?

It is best to match the model of a coat to your outfit. Trenches called "diplomats " will go well with an elegant attire: a tuxedo, a suit, but also with other more formal clothes, worn every day.

There are also "duffle coats". They have certain characteristic feature - an additional layer of material on the shoulders and collar.This is because it originally served soldiers, exposed to rain and bad weather. They will work for both, everyday casual style and a more formal one.

Drivers often choose a "car coat", which has to be very comfortable, above all. Knee-length, usually in the middle of the thigh - it is supposed to facilitate driving and getting out of a vehicle. There are also so called "ulsters" that are loose and comfortable tweed coats with cuffs and pockets with flaps.

In Poland, men`s trench coats are most popular. These are thin coats with a belt, put on an outfit. They are waterproof and quite universal.

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