It is very rare that we long for cold days impatiently or even with for a chilly enough day to come. Unless, our closet holds brand new coats for women and we simply cannot wait to wear them!

Ladies coats

It is hard to find a more feminine and timeless element of clothing than a classic women's coat. Suitable for both weather and bad weather, it is a real must have in every fashionista's closet. Coats are loved for their cut, versatility and fit to any type of figure. Are you looking for perfect model for yourself? Be sure to check Vitkac offer! We have for you winter, autumn and spring women's coats - here you will find your ideal!

How to choose coat for women?

Coat should be matched to the season, during which you will wear it - in spring you bet on trench, and in winter you will want to have a warm coat. The length is also important. Short women's coat, knee-length, long - a lot depends on your preferences, but also on your height and body shape. The choice is also guided by the style of the coat: elegant coat will be the perfect choice for big events or the office, and raincoat in sporty version will be perfect for hiking.

Match coat to your lifestyle and closet. Universal coat will match all clothes in your closet. This will give you unlimited possibilities of creating outfits and you will be able to enjoy your favorite coat for years, regardless of changing trends. Remember that the higher the quality of the material and workmanship of the coat, the longer it will serve you. Women's coats made of wool and cashmere will stay in perfect shape for a long time, while you will enjoy your leather coat for several seasons.

The most fashionable colors for women's coats

Certainly, the black women's coat is the king among outerwear. Due to the extreme timelessness of this model, it is worth having it in your closet. However, if the black coat is king, then the queen is certainly the women's camel coat. This is an exceptionally elegant variant with a brownish-lavender shade. The coat in this color looks feminine and stylish. It will be an ideal choice for autumn, brightening up the gray aura, but in winter and spring it will work just as well.

Checked women's coat is one of the trendiest cuts of recent years. Checked pattern gives a modern chic to classic form of the coat, breaking the boredom and making us look and feel fashionable. Unflagging popularity is also enjoyed by gray coat. This versatile classic has won our hearts for good reason: it goes well with all colors, adding character to the entire styling. For lovers of classic shades we also recommend beige coat, adding a touch of girly charm and class. On the other hand, fans of bold colors will fall in love with ultra-feminine red women's coat, whose intense shade draws attention even on the gloomiest of days.

Coats perfect for winter

If you are looking for a women's winter coat, bet on a warm model. In winter piercing cold is very hard, so it is worth taking care of your comfort, choosing a coat, which will work even at the lowest temperatures. Down coat will be certainly suitable. Thanks to the lining with soft filling it will be a great alternative for down or quilted jacket. Elegant down coat you can wear in winter for any occasion.

Are you dreaming of a stylish winter coat? Choose women's woolen coat. Thanks to its natural properties, wool guarantees to keep body temperature at the right level, even during frosty evenings. Don't you know which women's woolen coat will be the best? Decide on a coat made of alpaca. This is an exclusive model, in which you will not get cold and at the same time you will look great.

Elegant and stylish - autumn and spring women's coats

In spring and autumn, we look mainly for transitional coats. This is the right time for a short spring coat, a quilted coat or a shirt coat. It is worth to get a raincoat and a coat with a hood - they will prove themselves during a sudden change of weather. For lovers of classics and timeless elegance, autumn and spring are the right time to buy a trench coat. It is worth owning. In spring, the streets are flooded with pastel shades: a pink women's coat is a great way to introduce a bit of color into our lives in anticipation of summer.

Women's designer coats - impress with style!

In Vitkac you will find a coat which will make you look chic regardless of the weather! In our offer we have luxury high class models from the best designers. Buy elegant women coat by Bottega Veneta and Canada Goose or let yourself be inspired by unique coats from Burberry, Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney.


How to recognize an alpaca coat?

Coat made of alpaca is soft to the touch, and its fibers are thick and silky. Coats of this type have exceptional thermal properties: they retain heat and fit the figure perfectly. However, they are often admixed with another fiber, such as sheep wool, silk to achieve durability.

Is the coat made of alpaca warm?

Due to its natural origin, alpaca wool has thermo-protective properties. Wool fibers, thanks to the small air spaces, perfectly insulate. Therefore, the coat made of alpaca is considered one of the warmest, making it an ideal choice for winter.

How to tie a scarf to a women's coat?

The scarf can be tied in many ways - the important thing is that you are comfortable in it and it does not restrict your movements. The most classic way to tie a scarf is to fold it in half, wrap it around your neck and then put the end of the scarf through the opening on one side. If your coat has a "V" neckline, wrap the scarf around your neck and then tuck both ends in the front under the coat. This method will keep the cold wind from getting under your clothes.

How to tie a scarf on a coat?

There are many ways to tie a shawl on a coat: nonchalant and more elegant. The most classic solution is to wrap the scarf around your neck, then tie the two ends together and spread them out over your coat, creating "ears".

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