A wide selection of women's clutches offers Vitkac.com shop, where everyone can find something for themselves. Will be satisfied especially those women who follow the latest trends, and with the love of luxury.
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Women's clutches - because the devil is in the detail

Almost every woman has in her wardrobe the classic "little black dress" and black stiletto heels. This outfit, which will work for every elegant occasion, is usually complemented by a small handbag. For many years, women have reached for their clutch bags, and it’s not surprising…

Clutch bags – always in the shape of an envelope?

The classic clutches imitate the shape of an envelope almost perfectly. These handbags have been part of the fashion world since the 1940s, and their popularity continues to grow. Though clutches still mostly take the form of a rectangle, it is not unusual to find designs that deviate from this model. Among the collections of Alexander McQueen, for example, you will see clutches in unusual shapes.

Clutch bags size XS or XL?

Looking at an online stores and the collections of the world's designers, we can find small clutches, into which at most a phone and a mirror will fit. But many brands also offer XXL clutches. The latter are definitely not ideal for women with small, thin figures, while tiny clutches may look odd on the fuller figure. Follow this simple rule to avoid making a fashion faux pas.

Clutch bags are not only for the evening

For a long time, clutches were considered bags for special occasions. Today, though they still dominate evening and cocktail outfits, they can often be seen as a complement to everyday casual styling. This is perfect if the bag has a detachable strap, making it a lot manageable. This is of course against the assumption that clutches do not have straps – an assumption that is commonly challenged now, in stores and by designers.

Clutch design

As with many other types of bags, contemporary fashion clutches are made from various materials. In addition to the classic leather models, leading fashion houses you will also find suede, quilted, open-work, plastic, imitation snake skin and lacquered clutches. In addition,they are decorated with various designs, such as tassels, studs, patches, jets, castles and colorful prints. In plain colour versions, nude clutches, black clutches and silver clutches are all popular.
The Vitkac.com shop online offers a wide range of clutches, especially for women who love luxury and follow the latest trends. To complement your clutch, don’t forget elegant high heels and jewellery.

Women's clutches for different occasions

There is probably no better place for this kind of bag than a wedding. At such an event, clutches can be rich or modest, especially if they play first violin and the shoes and jewellery are but a complement. Nevertheless, elegant clutches are suited to many other occasions, such as NewYear's Eve, prom, going to a restaurant, or even an exam, and they are especially popular during carnival time.
If you appreciate minimalism, seek the designs of Salvatore Ferragamo and Jimmy Choo. Many classic, modest yet extremely elegant and timeless clutch models can also be found in the collections of the fashion house Saint Laurent. Jimmy Choo’s collections also include clutches with original prints that will enliven even the most boring outfit. Print admirers will find something for themselves among the Kenzo and Lanvin designs too.

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