An elegant men's hat or a baseball cap? VITKAC offers a wide range of head-coverings from the high-fashion designers. Caps are no longer only headgear to protect against the cold or the sun’s rays. They are now an integral component of clothing, emphasising fashion and sometimes even dominating an entire outfit to indicate the wearer’s style.

Peaked caps – timeless fashion hits

Men’s caps through the ages

One of the most popular models is the peaked cap, which has had a very long history. It dates back to the first half of the 19th century. Until then, gentlemen wore only top hats, so caps turned out to be a spectacular and refreshing change. On the streets of European cities you could meet stylish men who often wore this kind of headgear with sports clothing, semi-formal outfits, or were travelers. Americans – specifically New Yorkers - made a contribution to the history of the peaked cap when baseball caps first appeared. Owing their name to the national sport of the USA, they were initially worn only by players but were quickly taken up by fans, and then by others across the continent. They were sewn in various sizes, until a revolutionary invention – the plastic strip with studs – made them adjustable and thus able to fit snugly upon the heads of all those following this trend, giving rise to the terms snapback cap and snapback hats.

Baseball caps beyond the sports field

Baseball caps and their close relatives trucker hats soon became accessories for the uniformed services, as well as for celebrities such as Justin Timberlake and Ashton Kutcher. Indeed, it is hard to imagine them without their distinctive headgear. Interestingly, over the years, baseball caps also came to be expressions of original style, and a means of identity for groups of people with the same views. Thanks to this, the peaked cap has become permanently etched in both men’sclothing and women’s clothing. Women are eager to emphasise their individuality with headgear, which can be seen clearly on the streets of Paris, Milan, Madrid… and Poland! Polish women love baseball caps, and are certain that simply putting one on can create stunning styling.

Baseball caps – an absolute must have

More and more people want to buy baseball caps, especially as there are now very widely produced and distributed. There are even some expectations that companies will see it as a point of honour to have their own branded baseball cap. Therefore, it is not difficult to buy them, but there might be problems finding your dream design. Fortunately, there is a huge selection at the online store, which aims to find something for even the most demanding customers and offers a multitude of colours, patternsand styles that make it a paradise for those who appreciate style, class, and originality.

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