Dot the i's of your outfit with ladies belts from VITKAC wide range offer.

Belts for women perfectly complement fashionable outfits.

For a long time, belts have been seen as accessories, supposed to perform mainly their practical function. For many years now, however, the women's belt has been used not only to support the trousers, but also as an element of outfit. Ladies have a fantastic opportunities in this area!

History of belts for women

As the belts were invented for men rather, women have started to wear them relatively late. Justlike the trousers, which were a marker of gender until the 19th century. Ladies could casually wear trousers only after World War I. At that time, belts were no longer a new element of a wardrobe and began to be received not only in terms of utility but also of fashion.

Decorative ladies belts

As belts for women have been becoming more and more popular, they have started to be decorated. Belts were no longer only leather, but also fabric, with various emblems, lace, lacquered, etc. Just like today, women's belts had different widths - from thin to thick, more masculine.

Ladies belts as accessories

While men use belts for trousers only, ladies have much more opportunities here. Ladies belts can be a decoration of dresses and skirts, including those less formal. They are also often worn as a styling accessory with a pantsuit. Elegant waist belts for dresses can excellently complement outfit for wedding or other special occasions.

The belt will revive the outfit

This inconspicuous accessory can sometimes play a key role in even the most boring outfit. If the dress is made of a uniform coloured material, contrasting belt will brighten it and add a bit of nonchalance.

Belts with interesting buckles

Designers try to meet expectations of all women. Therefore, in many shops belts with original, fancy buckles can be found. They can be decorated with e. g. zirconias or have an interesting shape.

Remember to have a universal womens black belt in your wardrobe!

Even if you are a fan of belts of distinctive colour and form, you should have at least one classic and universal womens black belt in your wardrobe, suitable for both trousers and dresses. Example of such a classic choice could be a simple black leather belt, 2-3 cm wide. For summer sets, it is also worth to buy a belt in a nude colour.

The outstanding quality

If you want to have the belt for years, you should spend on it proper amount of money. It is worth taking a closer look at our store's offer, where you can find womens designer belts both for trousers and those that can be used as an addition to elegant outfits. On Vitkac.com wide range offer also other exclusive accessories, e. g. hats or sunglasses can be found. This is a place, where we can buy something for ourselves, as well as for our beloved ones.

Womens designer belts

The store offers leather womens designer belts of world-renowned and respected brands such as Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, Dsquared2, Diesel and many others. Perhaps you will choose a Gucci's black leather belt with an animal motif buckle? If you prefer more classic style, it is worth looking at the Bottega Veneta brand's offer. The expressive and extravagant Moschino belts are also very popular. Elegant belts with a bow motif, perfect for dresses, can be found in Valentino's offer. It is also worth taking a look at the Isabel Marant fashion house belts, which can be worn both for trousers and elegant evening sets.

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