The beach is the perfect place to expose one’s greatest assets. But how does men’s swim shorts help to highlight the strengths of the male figure? How has beach fashion changed over the centuries?

Men’s swimwear - how have men’s beach outfits changed

The perfect men’s swimming trunks

It might seem that swimwear is not a subject about which you can engage in long discussions about fashion. Typically, men's swim trunks are available in two versions – swim shorts or traditional briefs. Still, creators such as Tommy Hilfiger and Versace present new collections of designer swim shorts and trunks each year, proving that - just like any other item of clothing – men’s swimwear is subject to constantly changing trends.

The history of men's swimwear from the suit to the shorts

From the history of swimwear, it is obvious that the material, patterns and style of this kind of garment has changed. Even in the first half of the 20th century, the most men's swimwear was a one-piece costume with short sleeves and shorts, usually made of "sailor" material in white and blue.
A swimsuit for the beach or the pool had to be suitable for contemporary principles and meet the standards adopted by the general public. Excessive disrobing on the beach was not something that found popular approval, either for women or for men, and it was necessary to exercise restraint and show only as much of the body as strictly necessary. Changes occurred slowly, as men’s swimwear evolved from the one-piece costume with short sleeves, until finally in the 1930s men’s swimming trunks in the form we know them today began to be popular. It is worth noting that in the swimsuit for women underwent visible changes in the same period, with higher cuts subtly indicating the female figure, but the bikini was still a long way off.

The moral revolution

The first men's short swimming trunks were made of a single-color material (usually red or burgundy), with no patterns or prints. It was not until the mid-1960s that swimsuits decorated with colorful print and patterns became fashionable. Their style changed again a decade later, when the most popular was wide-striped trunks. In the 1970s, sunglasses in the style of the day were mandatory additions to swimming trunks. Then came the late 80s and early 90s, when something completely new came along – shorts of polyester. Colorful, modern and super fashionable, they dominated beaches and swimming pools, making the earlierbriefs-style trunks seem outmoded and unmanly.

Men’s swim trunks in current trends

Today’s collections from designers leading the way in men's fashion produce designer swimwear specifically for the male figure. At the online shop, both longer shorts and shorter trunks are available, as well as more heavily cut models. The latter dominated the Vivienne Westwood spring/summer 2016 collection, and will probably be a strong accent on holiday beaches. Of course, the final choice in style and pattern is yours, but don’t be afraid to break stereotypes beach, because in the end a swimsuit is an important fashion item that you need to play and interpret in your own unique and unrepeatable way.

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